Saturday, April 02, 2005

My monthly post

I suppose I ought to keep up with this a little better.
We are still waiting to hear about our loans. It has been two weeks now since they said we should know. I guess things are getting a little mixed up as things are kind of backwards when applying for loans to go to a UK University. Hopefully that will come through soon so we can apply for private loans.
By the way, let me fill you in. Josh was accepted to the University of Edinburgh, so we will be moving to Scotland mid-August/early September. It is Josh's job to do all of the loans/school type stuff, I am doing everything else. Well, I'm researching and finding information to help us in our move.
I have found a wonderful website that I will be eternally indebted to: I am getting loads of information from other Americans who have made a move similar to what we will be doing. Before I even subscribed I found someone from this website who is in a VERY similar situation as us. Her husband is studying at the same school Josh will be at, and they are also from Chicago (well, north of Chicago). She has been very helpful in answering questions about Edinburgh and the school.

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