Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Up, up, and away.

Well, I have been fussing with blogger for a bit and have decided to move. You will now find me here.

Friday, April 11, 2008

How does your garden grow?

I decided (a bit late in the season) to grow a vegetable garden...in containers! I have been wanting a garden for so long, but have not had the space for one.

The first sign of life came from the radishes. Appearantly these are very easy to grow. In just a few short days they started peeping through the soil. I don't like radishes, but I chose to grow them for my bunnies. :)

Next came the snow peas. These I also don't care for. I am growing these for Josh. He will eat them as a healthy snack. I am also starting to see my green beans start to come up, but they are mearly more than a bump in the dirt. I really hope to see my bell peppers, jalapenos, roma tomatoes, and salad tomatoes soon!

I am excited about what I am going to do with the salad tomatoes (they are like wee cherry tomatoes). I want to plant them in one of these. I saw a picture of small tomatoes in a hanging planter, hanging down over the edge. I hope it will work out.

I have not purchased any of the large planters yet (except a rusty tin container I found at Goodwill). I am holding out, trying to put off spending more money. But I was thrilled to find these cute pots for my herbs. I got 4 at Menards for $2.50 each! I guess they were on sale because when I went back to get more the price had gone up. As far as herbs, I am growing 2 kind of mint (I love mint tea and I enjoy mint in my iced tea and lemonade), dill, cilantro (coriander), basil, and oregano. I cheated and bought the mint as plants. Now I wish I would have purchased basil plants, too, because I am not patient enough to wait for it to grow.

It is so much fun to watch these plants grow from a wee seed. I am a nurturer and my nurturing instincts doesn't stop at people and animals. I watch over these pots of dirt all day long, every day. I move them from window to window as the sun moves. I protect them from chilly drafts. I noticed the first little bit of green popping up. Hopefully we will get some veggies from these plants. I can't wait to eat my first very own not-store-bought-grown-in-my-garden tomato!

Hey, with the way I go through tomatoes and the price of them these days, it's a great investment. :)

On the lookout

Anyone know where I can get a bay plant? Like as in the kind you use for culinary purposes? I got excited about getting one but I am finding that none of the garden centers around here carry them.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


As depressing as winters were in Scotland, I was not prepared for the depressing winter here. I had forgotten just how LONG winters are! And how ugly, brown, and ugly! One thing that was always consoling during winter in Scotland was the green. The grass stayed green all winter. That cheered me up when the sun simply wouldn't come out. And I really looked forward to February because I knew things would start to change. The days got longer, the sun started to peek through, buds would suddenly appear on trees, daffodils would brave the frosts, and sometimes pedestrians would start to shed their outer layers.

Here it is APRIL and we are finally getting some sun and warmer temps (for more than just a one day freakish stint). But there are still no buds on the trees, nothing pushing up through the soil, the grass is still predominantly brown.

I was looking back on my posts because I thought I had posted about the change in seasons, but here is one from 26 April last year. I pictures show how lush it already was by that time. I know things do change quickly around here, I just don't remember when. I will be eager to see when we can get some leaves on the trees!
This picture was taken late March last year.