Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Brrr....At least it's sunny

...for now anyway. It has been pretty cold the last couple of days (upper 40's I would say) and yesterday it rained all day. Today the sun is out in all it's radiance. On days like these I get a little torn about how to dress. I know I will be very cold when I step outside, but the hill walking warms me up quickly. The sun is very warm as well, but when I am walking in the shade and there comes a chilly blast of wind, I wish I had all of my winter gear on!


Well, they are still not my vlasic or claussen, but they can satisfy the craving. I have found that some things I cannot find in a regular supermarket may be available at the healthfood store (I was looking for black beans). This healthfood store seems to be the mother of healthfood stores here in Edinburgh. I stumbled across some pickles labled 'dill cucumbers' so I thought I would try them. They are still a little sweet and taste a bit like bread and butter pickles, but I haven't even had any pickles in months, so I probably can't tell the difference anymore!


Thank you for the birthday wishes. We didn't do anything special, but we celebrated my birthday all weekend. Josh and I just hung out together and walked around the city on Saturday. We wanted to go to the botanical garden, but typically, it was nice and sunny when we woke up, turned dark and rainy when we went out (so we decided to stick closer to home), then when we were too tired to walk more it got bright and sunny again. Josh had a small gift for me everyday from Friday to Monday. It was fun to open a present every day.


I am getting used to work now. I had a hard time for a couple of weeks because I was not confident enough to do my job without always asking for help. I am learning the ropes now and I am even starting to learn the regular customers. Some of them think it's great that I'm American and ask me how I am finding the weather. Sometimes it suprises me when people ask me where I am from because I forget that I sound different. I have noticed that I am picking up a little of their words and intonation. I find myself saying, "should I do a wee bus?" and asking "will this be sit in or take away?" by dropping my tone at the end of a sentence rather than raising it. I have some new words that I am learning, too. I will post them soon.

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