Thursday, February 21, 2008

I love Calphalon!

We are not extravagant people, but we do appreciate quality. We will pay a bit more for something that we feel will last us a long time. That is why when we were picking things our for our wedding registry we went with Calphalon. We chose to get the hard anodized set because we also wanted to be able to use stainless steel utensils. My grandparents were so kind to buy us the set and over the years we have found other Calphalon bits and bobs discounted at Marshalls or TJ Maxx. This is the only cookware set I have (partly because Josh is so persnickety about having everything match, despite his lack of presence in the kitchen).

Little did I know that making pretzles last night would void my warrenty. Once the dough is shaped is has to be sort of parboiled in baking soda water. When I was done and cleaned out my skillet I noticed discolouration in the pan (deanodizing). I knew that boiling vinegar would void the warrenty, but I didn't hear about this one. I looked online to see. There was something about cleaning with baking soda, but not cooking with it.

So I phoned up customer relations. She said yes, this would void my warrenty, but she would send me out a prepaid label and they would replace it as a courtesy. That's even better that if I just sent it in on my own and I would have to pay the postage for that monster.

We did have to send in 2 other pots almost 3 years ago because of deanodizing. They replaced them with a newer line that is similar, so I am wondering if they were having too many problems with this line and discontinued it for the new one. Hey, I don't care if they have to iron out the kinks. I can be assured that I will have these pots and pans for the rest of my life! ...or as long as Calphalon is around. :)


Anonymous said...

Just started looking for a new set of pans. Will have to keep these in mind! erin

Anonymous said...

hello. I was excited to order and receive my Calphalon Everday 12 Pan. That night I braised chicken with rice and a dash of lemon in the oven. I cooked great, cleaned easily but when it dried I was shocked to see the silvery patina in my expensive brand new pot with only one use! I followed all their care instrustion to a T.
I called them and they sent me a label to return it. I'm sure they will send me another. It's called deanondized.
I'm very disappointed that I can't cook anything acidic, like spaghetti, chili, etc in it. There was no mention of this in their literature. It's great that they will replace and keep replacing the pan but what a hassle. I expected an "Everday Pan" to be used everyday. Now, I have to check to see if what I want to cook has anything acid in it. Very disappointed. Gary