Friday, April 14, 2006

Keep praying!!

Ok, we really need those prayers to come this next 2 days.

We have a tech rehearsal today with mics. It will go as long as it takes. Josh and I have to be there early to get into costume for a photo shoot and he has to practise raising the cross. We get there at noon (6am for most of you, so pray as soon as you read this!), we start rehearsal at 2 and go til we can get through it.

Tomorrow we have to be there at 8:30 and rehears until 12ish. We have lunch together at a nearby church. We then have a photo call at 2 and the performance is at 2:30! Two and a half hours later we will be done! We then have a cast party at a local pub.

It is going to be a very tiring 2 days and we will be wiped out for Easter Sunday. Our church is having an early service, then meeting at a local cafe for brunch. We will do a very small dinner at home with a gammon and some veg (whatever I can scrounge up, as I did not plan ahead enough to go grocery shopping).

Please also pray that we will be able to contemplate through all of this. We have really enjoyed going to holy week services in the past, but could not do it this year as we are busy with rehearsals. I guess it is just one of those years that we are helping to provide something others can be blessed by rather than recieving the blessing, though I know we will be blessed, too.

Thank you for your faithfulness.

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