Saturday, April 08, 2006

Pray for good weather

My little chat box got pushed down because of the ticker, so I am putting this prayer request in here. Please pray for good weather next Saturday. We had a very bone chilling rehearsal today, complete with hail and rain. We will all be out there with sandles and of course no gloves or hats. The soldiers will be bare legged and Jesus will be half naked on the cross. Last year was cold as well during the play. You can even see in pictures that Jesus' legs were purple! Please pray that there will at least be sun, which will warm us up significantly.

As for the earlier mentions hail and rain, it was very appropriately sunny during the beginning of the play, then during the trail and crucifixion it proceeded to hail for about 10 minutes, then it turned to rain for about 10 minutes, then it got bright and sunny again at the resurrection. :)

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