Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Officially finished!

I am going to take the liberty to brag on my husband just now. He got his marks yesterday and he is going to graduate with distinction. This is the equivalent of graduating with honors. He did very well and got wonderful remarks on his dissertation from the markers.

"A thorough and penetrating study of a complex concept"
"A very, very high standard of work for this level, showing clear doctoral ability."
"An excellently creative piece of work."
"Showing real intellectual flair and insight."
I am sure Josh will be embarrassed that I posted these remarks, but he worked so hard and I am proud of him.
Thank you to everyone for your support during the past year. Please continue to pray for us as me move on to the next stage in our life.

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linda feezor said...

We've been proud of you Josh just for being a great husband and son-in-law. Having a "smarty-pants" is another bonus to our family. I know it took a lot of determination.