Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving.

Sorry I am a bit late about posting our Thanksgiving wishes. It has been a busy week. But now I can post about our dinner as well!

Steph sent us some Stove Top stuffing for our dinner, as well as some other goodies to enjoy later. :) Thanks, Steph! Everyone really enjoyed it.

We had a total of 10 people (including Josh and I) and our group was very diverse. We had 5 Americans from various parts of the US and one being a missionary in Nigeria. Then the others were from Scotland, England, Australia, China, and Spain. I learned that candy in Australia is called 'lollies' (or was that the popsicle? It's getting all jumbled up) and a traditional Christmas in Spain would include a lamb for the dinner. Oh, yes. And I learned that a word I had been throwing around is a very bad swear word here. :P Thanks for clearing that up!

Our meal included:

Turkey (of course)

ham (gammon) with brown sugar and clove

scalloped potatoes with chipotle

smashed potatoes



sweet potato casserole

roasted veg (thanks Andy!)

cranberry orange sauce

biscuits (American), plain and with jalapeno and cheddar

And for dessert we had:

chocoalate mousse and strawberry mousse (thanks Sam!)

pumpkin cheesecake


fudge (thanks mom!)

Oh, yes. Russell brought some cloudy pressed apple juice, so I simmered that in some mulling spices and we were able to have about as close to mulled cider as you can get here. :)

I tried to push the leftovers on to the students, but even after they took some there was still a bunch left and I couldn't get anyone else to take some. I am glad that we had this opportunity to share our home and food with our friends. I have never been able to host a meal for this many people and it was a blessing. Sam really came through and helped out so much. Thanks Sam!

All in all, it was a very enjoyable day. Now I am off to tackle the dishes. I think it would be safe to say we used nearly every dish, fork, pot, and pan in our flat!

Take a look at flickr for more pictures.

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh wonderful!! What a feast! And what word was it that is bad? I just had to ask!