Friday, November 03, 2006

On Holiday!

I have not had a holiday since we went home in April. Twice my holiday was denied. I have been overworked and underappreciated (or not-at-all-appreciated, by my boss at least). Now I am finally on holiday! Though I do not have the AHHH! feeling of going on holiday because I will still be in for a couple of hours on Wednesday and Friday. But I will not actually be working. Then I come back for a week and have another weeks holiday. Yippee! It is still a little bit of a bummer, though, because even though I have been working close to 40 hours, when I am on holiday I only get paid for my contracted hours (20) so it will actually be a cut in pay. But I guess it will be worth it to get a little of my sanity back. :)

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Yeah for sanity! Enjoy this time! Will some knitting help you de-stress?