Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another WHAT??

I know I hadn't really been doing too great at keeping up this blog, so why do I think I should start a new one? Beats me.

So I have finally started my new one and after a few days of sitting on it I now feel comfortable enough to announce it. I will keep the current blog as just my everyday bletherings about Josh and Deliverance. The other blog will be sort of geared towards our British friends, but American friends will find it interesting, too. When we moved to Scotland I had a good time pointing out the differences of living in the UK. The new blog will be pointing out the different things in America, from a 'repat' perspective. It is my nature to be rather negative, and I am already finding that the blog is turning out that way. There are many positive things about living here and I will try to remember to point those out, too (like TARGET!).

So here it is, here is the title of my blog. You may say it doesn't really fit in with the theme of my blog. I wanted something in Gaelic. Beannachd Leibh It means "good-bye" or literally "blessings go with you." Ha! As I am typing this out I realise that even my title is negative! Maybe I should have choosen Failte for 'welcome.' Oh, well. And here's the link: I hope you visit!

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