Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Visiting a friend

Last weekend was our anniversary (6th!) but the weekend before was when we celebrated. We always like to celebrate by going away somewhere. Even when we were on a student budget in Scotland. The first year was the New College retreat to Carberry Tower. The second year was to Dunkeld (we were SO happy to finally see some fall colours!).
Three years ago for our anniversary trip, we went to Ireland! Well, we were also visiting a friend and looking at universities. This friend was my college roommate. She went to Ireland for an internship, but ended up changing her plans and stayed for a wedding. It happened to be HER wedding.
When we visited they had one lovely daughter, and another on the way. Seriously, on the way! Erin had some kind of food list she had stashed in the freezer and information about her daughter's routine. She informed us that it was for us...JUST INCASE. :)
As we were making our plans to move over to Scotland I was thinking it would be fun if I ever had the opportunity to visit Erin and her family in Ireland. It didn't work out though as we nearly crossed paths flying over the Atlantic! When we decided to move back to the States I was waiting to hear that they were now planning to move back to Ireland. Just kidding!
So, again, for our 6th anniversary we visited Erin and her family. The autumn colours were lovely and it was so nice to get away for a few days. It was fun to meet her 2 youngest daughters. They are all such busy girls! There was never a dull moment. Josh had the pleasure of playing Thomas the Tank Engine all weekend. We also went to the apple orchard and watched the girls bounce around in a bouncy castle and get a pumpkin painted on their hands. The above picture was taken as we were walking out. Sorry, Anthony, I didn't get you in it. But, ya know, you were pushing a stroller and, well, you just didn't fit. :)
Thanks for letting us come over!


Anonymous said...

We all enjoyed having you both come up for a visit. I just hope its not another 3 years before the next visit! Oh, I absolutely love the picture, too.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see how Erin is doing. It's also nice to have friends in other parts of the country so you can get away for a few days, and continue the friendships, too. Good job on the picture. Mom f.