Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hello, friends!

These are some pictures of Carberry Tower in Musselburgh where our Divinity School retreat was hosted last weekend. It's a 16th century family home that was donated to the Church of Scotland in 1961. It is historically significant because it is the location where Mary, Queen of Scots surrendered to Protestants in 1567.

The retreat was relaxing and entertaining. Most of my professors came and embarrassed themselves through silly games and performances. We also enjoyed the company of Micheal O'Siadhail and his live poetry readings throughout the weekend. Other activities included a sea-walk with some wonderful views of the grassy hilly coast of Scotland, a professional puppet show, and a Ceilidh dance .

Somehow folks found out it was my birthday and presented a cake and a card for me after Sunday lunch. It was a wonderful time and we really enjoyed the company of our fellow students.

For dinner, De suprised me with pizza (a luxury for us here) as well as scouring the city to find ingredients to make a batch of chocolate no-bake cookies (my favorite!). So thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes; and for the record, I'm 28. Cheers!


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Anonymous said...

Glad you had some of your favorites for your birthday, Josh. With ingredients hard to find, or expensive, I know it was a treat.
Mom F