Thursday, March 09, 2006

Complainin' wont get you nowheres

You heard the woes of the tiny fridge when we first arrived. You heard my sobs of the dinky freezer and no chance of ice cream. Well, our fridge seems to have gone kaput (yes, just shortly after all that work of defrosting the freezer). After dumping a 2 litre jug of curdled milk (the temp would not fall below 57F/14C) and turning the thermostat to its highest setting, we finally asked for help. Someone from the Uni came right away to take a look yesterday. Today, as I came in from grocery shopping Josh announced there was a big present in the living room. A new fridge! But AAAAH! I looked inside and immediately noticed an important element missing. The freezer! Well, I must say it IS nice to have a nice new fridge where the door is not sagging down to the ground and there is much more space for store things. But we did recently go to Costco and filled the freezer with chicken...

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