Friday, March 03, 2006

Sun and Snow!

I was very excited as I headed out to work today at 6am. There was light in the sky! By the time I got to work the darkness was being chased away. When I am back to work after my holiday next week it will feel like noon when I start! Well, I suppose it wont be that bright yet. One thing, though. By 8:00 it felt like it should have been 11:00 with how bright it was. Even so, the day went by fast enough today.

We had a small snow storm today! I was sad that I had to be at work because I just knew the snow would stop and melt before I got home to take pictures. It was a pretty sight from our wall to wall windows at Starbucks. We must have had a couple of inches. I have never seen cars handle snow so poorly! They had a hard time making it up the hill in front of our store without turning side-ways. It is now sunny again and most of the snow is gone.

Well, it's been a sad week. It was nice to rejoice in these little pleasures.

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