Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Exploding smoothies

Last week I went in to work to find an explosion had happened sometime during the night at our door. This week there was another explosion, but it was inside.

It all began last night when I recieved an email about smoothies that were being recalled. I went and got them out of the fridge and proceeded to open, dump, and pitch, like we do with any food or drink that we have to bin. When I opened the smoothie it exploded all over the sink and on my clothes and face. EWW! I wasn't going to do that with 6 more smoothies, so I just binned them. We were closed and we had already taken out the rubbish and that was all that was in the bag, so I left it.

When I opened today we were walking through the dishwasher room (where said bin and smoothies were) and the girl I opened with said, "There is a peculiar smell in here." That was when I looked past her and saw smoothie sprays all the way up the wall, on the ceiling, on the floor, all over the sink and table top. It did smell really bad and I got to clean it up. Well, I cleaned what I could. I figured we would have to get one of our less vertically challenged partners to clean the ceiling. What a day! And I was so knackered! Well, it does still give me a chuckle thinking about it. :)

I have added more to my list on the last post. I hope you looked at them. I might just have to add more, later (including how to scrub crusty smoothie off the wall).


Adventures In Babywearing said...

De- I LOVE the words you use. You are awesome. Hope the mess is all cleaned up now!

Soteria said...


L feezor said...

No wonder you got so "knackered"! What a job, especially since it got all crusty ta boot.

Sarah said...

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