Monday, January 15, 2007

I really miss...

Things I miss about Chicago

family and friends
the girls
Deep-dish pizza (I know, I learned how to make it, but it takes hours! and I could just call Giordano's and have one at my door in an hour!)
Paper Source
The Spice House
Jamba Juice
Cold Stone Creamery
Panera Bread
free things:
movies in the park
concerts in the park
library passes to museums
the lake
the lakefront path
a real autumn
a real summer
the el
neighborhood festivals
Hobby Lobby
Hancock Fabrics
a stoop to sit on or grill on
Sulzer library
Lincoln Square farmer's market
Meyer's Delicatessen
Millenium Park
living across from a large park
neighborhoods are like stepping into a new city (Belmont, Devon, Pilsen...)
always somewhere to go, something to do if you so desire


Adventures In Babywearing said...

De- I can't remember if it was here when you were here last, but did you see we got a Potbelly in Merrillville? Love that place! That was *the* place to order from during our Children's Memorial days...

L feezor said...

There is now a new little plaza by Southlake Mall, by the new theater, and we now have a Jamba Juice there, as well as other things.

Soteria said...

Oh, you guys are making me drool! I think there was a Potbelly's in M'ville when we were there last.

It is funny how so much of what expats miss is centered around food! :)

Robin said...

I can't imagen being so far away from home. I think you are stonger than I!!