Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Things I have learned to do since moving to the UK

I'm not saying these are all directly related to living in the UK, but some are.
I'm sure the list will grow over the next few days as I think of more.

1. Convert measurements and temps. Well, I haven't learned the conversion, it is all from memory, and some of it is just guesswork. I still rely on my American measuring cups and spoons.

2. Pack my bags well enough at Costco to carry it all home on the bus.

3. Make barbecue sauce.

4. Make Chicago-style deep-dish pizza! MMM

5. Make bread.

6. Make yoghurt. (am I seeing a pattern here??)

7. Grow sprouts.

8. Translate Scots. Well, at least I can recognise the most common words used.

9. Make a mean caramel macciato...and everything else on the Starbucks menu. (wouldn't fly in the US, though)

10. To squeeze things into every imaginable space in our flat (I THOUGHT I had already learned that!).

11. Spinning wool. Well, I still haven't quite gotten the hang of it.

12. Needle felting.

13. Selling on ebay.

14. First aid, CPR included.

15. Sudoku

16. To skimp on meat and use cheaper ingredients. Use mushrooms for some recipes (bolognese) or just use less meat and more pulses (legumes) and veg and add more spices for flavour.

17. How to say 'good-bye' when you are done with your transaction at the till. It is not just a simple 'thank you.' Rather, 'cheers, that's lovely, thanks so much, bye now!' You can also add 'fantastic' and 'magic' in there somewhere.

18. My accessories for grocery shopping: backpack, shoulder bag, Tesco green bag, and wheeled carrier. Those are for larger shops. Otherwise I just get delivered.

19. Dry all of my clothes on a drying rack.

20. Queue, queue, queue. Queue for EVERYTHING!

21. Write and say the day and month backwards. (Today is 9.1 or 9 Jan)

22. Learn the currency. It was baptism by fire since I still had to look carefully at every coin when I got my job at Starbucks.

23. Say 'zed' instead of 'zee' for the last letter in the alphabet.

24. To look right, then left (then right and left and right and left, as there is no reguard for pedestrians) when crossing the street.

25. Pack my own groceries (very quickly!).

26. Turn off and on electrical equipment 'at the mains.' It took a few times of preheating the oven to find it wasn't even turned on.

27. Watch VERY carefully where I step as so many people overdrink, and they get sick, and, well, you know.

28. To do without an umbrella and just carry a hat.

29. To distiguish if it is all day rain or momentary rain.

30. Do the dishes with just one sink.

31. Use the electric kettle anytime I want hot water.


jil said...

#17 cracked me up. We need to add more magics and fantastics into our goodbyes :) So are you allowed to do your own special twist to drinks there? I remember that was strictly not allowed here- totally by the book. Fun post.

Soteria said...

It always cracks me up how long it takes folks to say thank you at the tills. :)

I am suprised you were not allowed to make up drinks! I hear about the baristas in America making all sorts of concoctions. We are pretty boring. I wish we would do more. One of my coworkers has recently got me hooked on a single expresso with vanilla, whipped cream, and caramel drizzle when I need a quick pick me up. :)