Friday, April 27, 2007

Google satellite

I was wanting to share this. Have you ever looked at the satellite images on Google maps? Just go to Click on maps. To the left is a button for satellite. It will come up with a satellite image of North America. You can just zoom in and zoom out or type in a certain address. I could see the top of my parents' house! :) I think the area we live in looks pretty cool from the sky. The design of the roads is well, sort of boring yet interesting. It is boring especially if you are on the ground because everything looks the same, but it is interesting's Edinburgh! So if you know where I live, type in the road and see what my neighborhood looks like.

Also, here's a fun little excersise that someone gave me (was it you, Casey?). Go to directions. Type in London, UK to NY, NY. Scroll down and look at #37. Too funny!

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Anonymous said...

I noticed that picture has our old blue car in it so it has to be at least a couple of years old. I looked up grandma k's and I think that's grandpa and his friends boating on the lake.
Too bad we missed seeing the botanical gardens while there. There were so many sights to see in each day. mom & dad