Thursday, April 26, 2007

A walk in the park

The day before yesterday Josh and I took a lovely walk to the botanics. The weather was so wonderful and everything was in bloom. It smelled so nice. It is such a treat to enjoy a bit of nature when you are living in the city, even if it is manicured.

We brought bread for the ducks and peanuts for the squirrels. The ducks are overfed right now. They were not that interested in our bread (even though it was homebaked!). The squirrels are not shy. They are so accustomed to being fed that if you stand in one spot they think you are about to feed them. They run right up to you. If you are rustling a bag, now, you better stand back! Once we heard on running about in some bushes. Josh rustled my bag of peanuts and out he popped from the bushes! Some of them will even take a peanut right from your hand. I am too chicken. I usually drop it as soon as they are close enough. Some of them were greedy. Once they got the first peanut well secured in their cheeks they would wait around for a second one. :) I got a quick video of feeding one squirrel, but for some reason I can upload it to youtube. Will have to figure that one out.


ErinOrtlund said...

Beautiful! You know, I never actually went to the Botanics. Thanks for the photos!

Jil said...

Beautiful pictures. You take really good shots.