Thursday, April 03, 2008


As depressing as winters were in Scotland, I was not prepared for the depressing winter here. I had forgotten just how LONG winters are! And how ugly, brown, and ugly! One thing that was always consoling during winter in Scotland was the green. The grass stayed green all winter. That cheered me up when the sun simply wouldn't come out. And I really looked forward to February because I knew things would start to change. The days got longer, the sun started to peek through, buds would suddenly appear on trees, daffodils would brave the frosts, and sometimes pedestrians would start to shed their outer layers.

Here it is APRIL and we are finally getting some sun and warmer temps (for more than just a one day freakish stint). But there are still no buds on the trees, nothing pushing up through the soil, the grass is still predominantly brown.

I was looking back on my posts because I thought I had posted about the change in seasons, but here is one from 26 April last year. I pictures show how lush it already was by that time. I know things do change quickly around here, I just don't remember when. I will be eager to see when we can get some leaves on the trees!
This picture was taken late March last year.

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