Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Positive Feedback

We have had a pretty busy week at work. I have found it challenging, yet thrilling trying to balance my supervisory duties with serving customers and making sure everything gets done in my limited amount of time. I have enjoyed it and the days just fly by, though I have not been able to get any of the peripheral things done that I have been wanting to do.

I received a nice compliment from one of my baristas today. After a day of mad rushes she said, "You're doing a good job." I said, "Well, thank you! You, too!" (moral at our store is really low and I want to try to saturate people with encouragement). She laughed and said how she meant that I was doing good with my work as a supervisor, though I have only been in this roll for a week. That I was organised and considerate of the others (probably making sure they get their breaks in a timely manor, pitching in as much as I can, communicating, etc). That she enjoyed working with me. It really made my day! I had hoped to encourage the others in their good work and congratulate them on pulling through a busy or tough time. I hadn't really expected that on the other end. It was nice. :)

A Famous Person in Our Store

None of us knew it at the time, but a UK comedian was in our store today. There was no fuss for him. I served him at the till. He was on his mobile. He was rather abrupt and aloof. When he left some girls came in all in a fluster saying, "We saw him!" Who? One of our old supervisors said he comes in our store every year during festival and is rather rude. Oh, I guess I should tell you who he is. His name is Jimmy Carr. Supposedly we get a stream of famous people during festival, but I wouldn't even know them anyways.

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

I am sure you make a great supervisor. How awesome for those that work under you, and how nice you have someone that lets you know what a good job you are doing!