Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pray hard!

Tomorrow we are looking at 4 flats through the same agency. We have high hopes that one of these will work! Unfortunately, 2 of them aren't available until 2 weeks after our lease ends here. We are doing everything we can to avoid that situation.

There has been a lot of frustration and let down in this flat hunt. Good flats get snatched up practically as soon as they are listed. We are at a disadvantage because we do not have a mobile to phone the agency's office to let them know we want the flat and we don't have a car to zip down to the agent if they take the first person with a deposit. The flat we are looking at tomorrow will go through an application process. Hopefully they will look past our disadvantage of not having much credit history here (though we have fantastic credit in the States, BIG frustration here!) and not yet having a full-time steady income (though our income would be enough to cover rent).

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Lala's world said...

hey there just blog surfing and came across your blog! I have always wanted to visit Scotland!! I am envious of anyone able to live in another country for awhile!!
I have been to Ireland though and it was amazing and I would like to go back there one day too!!

hope you find the flat that fits all your needs!!!we are house hunting right now ourselves! quite the stress!! can't wait for it to be over!