Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Away a few days

Not that I have been posting on here very often, but I just wanted to brag..I MEAN let you know that I will be away a few days. We have decided very last minute to use our holiday this week to go on a tour to the Isle of Skye! I am very excited about this. Yeah! See ya later! ;)

MTA: I must tell you how this came about. Josh was at work and I was thinking it would have been really nice to go away somewhere for our holiday. We were planning Stonehaven, but everything was booked up. We were still going to do it for just a day trip, but I was still feeling like I wanted to go away somewhere. Glencoe is the place I REALLY want to go back to. Of course without a car it is a lot more difficult. So I was looking at tours. We took Rabbie's Trail Burners when my parents were here for just a one day tour to the highlands. I highly recommend them if you will be taking a tour in Scotland. So I looked at their longer tours. They had a 3 day tour to Skye. I didn't think they have any spots left for this week at such late notice, so I was trying to think of ways Josh could just get a few days off work to do something.

So I looked at their calender just for the heck of it, and they DID have something for this week. And they left the next day! I didn't think Josh would go for it. It is expensive, too, and we need the money to move. But we might never get to do it again! And really have'nt gotten to see a lot of Scotland.

So Josh comes home. We chat for a few minutes. Kiss and stuff. He brought me flowers! Then I say "Hey, we can do..." and I hesitate to remember what it was I was trying to say. And without hesitating he says, "A 3-day highland tour." I need one of those little emoticons with the eyeballs popping out of it's head. I went over to look at the computer incase I had left up the tour site. Nope. I said, "How did you do that?!" He had been thinking the same thing! So we chatted a bit about it. The pros and cons. If we should wait until our last week when Josh wont be working. I felt that that might be too stressful with last minute things to be done. So we walked up to the Royal Mile to book in person. :)

Let me tell you, tourist season is in full swing here! I don't miss living on the Royal Mile. It was crazy just trying to get anywhere up there. And the AMERICANS!! UGH!! ;)

Anyways, we are looking forward to leaving in a couple of hours now.


jil said...

Live it up. I hope it's a ton of fun for both of you :)

Anonymous said...

hope it was a wonderful time. Wish you could get to see a few more places before you guys move back, but you've had a wonderful journey for 2 years.
Mom F.