Saturday, May 05, 2007

Day 2

Now, since our days were so action-packed I wont have room for all of the photos on blogger, so take a look at the rest on flickr. Just give me some time to get the on there. Oh, and many of my pictures from this day were deleated, too, so I am using a lot of my Dad's pictures again.

The day started out looking so gorgeous. The was sunny and warm! We were really debating what we should wear. I was thinking of going without an extra layer. *gasp* But I decided to take a light layer. We were prepared for a little bit cooler than what we thought it would be, as it tends to be a bit cooler on the Mound.

We were heading for the castle! But first we made a stop at Greyfriars Kirk, made famous by Greyfriars Bobby. Rather, a bunch of Americans made Greyfriars Bobby popular with the American tourists, making Greyfriars Kirk a popular destination.

You can see in the first picture how blue the sky was, then notice the drastic difference in the second picture. Usually the weather on the Mound is a bit different. Sometimes foggy when the rest of the city is sunny. That is what we figured was happening, but during the short time we walked around it seemed to be getting foggier and colder.

When were done at Greyfriars we hopped in a taxi so as not to waste any precious energy and shot up to the castle. This was my parents' first taxi ride! I did not realise that or I would have gotten a picture of them, rather than my dad snapping shots of us.

I was disappointed in the fog and I knew my dad would be, too, wanting to get some shots of the great view from the castle. As time went on it was evident that the sea haar was rolling in. Funny because I was telling mom before they came that we probably wouldn't have to worry about the haar as it tends to roll in after a period of warm weather, and it was too early for that warm weather. Well, it had been unseasonably warm, which we were greatful for, but I had forgotten about the possibility of the haar. And not only does it obscure views, it can make a very warm day bloomin' cold!

Cemetary for dogs of soldiers and views of the city...or not.

We stayed for the one o'clock gun, but we had to guzzle some tea and hot chocolate from the cafe to keep warm.

When we were done at the castle we headed down the Royal Mile. We stopped at shops, the Woolen Mill, St. Giles, Wannaburger for a great big bite to eat, and John Knox' house. You will never guess just who we spotted at John Knox' house!!

Our ultimate destination was to be the palace, but we lingered to long at the castle and in the shops. The palace was closed. My mom was ready for more, but fortunately... I MEAN unfortunately things close early here so by 6:00 we had to call it a day. Mom really wore us out. I was ready for bed after dinner!

Josh felt a bit nervous about the next day. He had to drive!


Jil said...

I'm so sorry about your rough week. It sounds exhausting and frustrating. I hope you got enough rest on your 2 day break. I love these recaps of your parents' visit. It's very fun. The pictures are great. That last one is really funny.

Anonymous said...

It's fun for us to relive our adventures because sometimes we wonder if we really went, it all went by so fast, until we look at all the pictures and relive everything again.
Mom & dad