Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Day 3

Ok, here I go. I am going to attempt to continue my posts about the Feezor/Bougie holiday.

We hired a car which meant, um, we had to drive it. Josh did a fab job of it last time he drove here when we visited 2 1/2 years ago, so I nominated him. :) As we were driving out of the car park I had to remind Josh that as he makes his left turn, he will hug the curb, rather than crossing traffic. He did great.

We had a little bit of a late start, which made the traffic getting out of Edinburgh very frustrating. We were not aware that they were doing work on the Forth Rd bridge on Saturdays - how would we? We don't drive!

We drove up the coast, nearly to Aberdeen, to a city called Stonehaven. Josh and I happened upon it during our visit to Scotland and thought it was so beautiful. There are very dramatic views of Dunnottar castle ruins and cliffs. The haar from the day before was still lingering, but it was not as bad. You could see it sweeping in from the sea, then back out.

Unfortunately, one thing I had forgotten about was all the stairs to get to the castle. Dad was willing to brave the hike, but mom stayed back with Josh to just enjoy the sun and views. Every so often they spotted us as we were looking through the ruins and we zoomed in on them with our cameras.

I am afraid I do not know much of the history of Dunnottar Castle except that it was impenetrable, due to its possition on the cliff, until Cromwell came in with cannons and did the place in.

As we were leaving we noticed a photo shoot going on with the castle as the backdrop. Lovely background. But then we saw the piper, and then a lady in a white dress was walking up. It was a wedding! Nice! She was carrying her heels because she had to walk down into a ravine and then back up again to get to the groom. As we were leaving the haar started to swallow up the ruins. We were leaving just in time. Not good for the wedding, though!

After the castle we drove over to St. Andrews. We spent a little too much time exploring the castle that we arrived just before the castle and cathedral closed. It was still a lovely day so we just walked through the quaint town, took some pictures of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club (golfers know how important that is!), and enjoyed the scenary of the beach.

Oh, don't forget to look at flickr for LOTS more pictures (as soon as I get them up). Remember that there is more than just one page. It seems that a lot of people are only looking at the first page. Please, browse through them all! I greatly enjoy comments on the pictures (there is something you can click on under the picture to leave a comment) if you can spare a moment.

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Jil said...

What a beautiful place. You're a very good photographer. And I guess some of those are your dad's shots- I remember that he was really good too. Thanks for sharing all of the photos.