Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thunder! Could it be?

I thought I heard a low rumbling noise and thought, "Is that thunder?!" I have only heard thunder a couple of times since we moved here. And I think I have only seen lightening once. I sometimes forget that it exists. So I ran to open our french doors. Sure enough! It is thunder! It sounds like it is many miles away, but it still brings up those memories of sitting on the front porch to watch the rain storms in the summer. I love that fresh smell and the feeling of the cooling mist from the rain.

The thunder is becoming a bit more frequent and the clouds are very gray overhead. Maybe we will get a storm! Naw, it will probably just pass right over.

It is strange what a different view we get from our windows. The windows facing south reveal a very gray, stormy looking sky. Very ominous. The windows facing south show a bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds.

MTA: I just saw lightening and the thunder is getting louder and more distinct! It smells like rain! :) Only, I hope it's not raining in 4 hours when Josh has to walk home.

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ErinOrtlund said...

I missed storms in Scotland! Of course, when we got here to Canada, they FREAKED Kate out!