Friday, September 16, 2005

Great view

The sun is setting and I have a wonderful view just past my monitor in the computer lab. First there is the city that reaches out to the Firth of Forth (and inlet of the North Sea), then past that are mountains (part of the Highlands?). Over the city is a dark cloud, but beyond that are light, fluffy clouds, pink and blue and orange. It's Friday night and things are calming down after a busy week, yet gearing up for the nightlife here in Edinburgh. Josh and I will be staying in as Josh is nursing a cold. I don't even know what to buy him as I am unfamiliar with the medications and brands here. I think I need to get him something called suspension...

Josh has finally registered for his classes today. He has 3 classes and one of his profs gave him an introductory Latin book in the event he should choose to pick up Latin. Hmmm...I just might pick that book up myself! Well, it may not sound like a heavy load, but I saw the syllibus for his core class Counsels, Creeds, and Controversies. Most if his time will be spent reading. He already has reading to do for his first class on Tuesday (Monday is a University holiday).

We have already consumed loads of tea, usually with breakfast and sometime before or after dinner (which is actually called tea here) at which time we have tea and bisquies or digestives (cookies). They are really big on cookies here, which is great because it is a cheap dessert, but I am already dying for some other kind of dessert. I would like to bake something, but I have not brought myself to buy pans yet or figured out what I can make with ingredients that are available to me (and affordable).

We have learned (rather the hard way) that pedestrians do not have the right of way at intersections. A few times we have tried to cross while no cars are waiting in the intersection, only to be nearly run over by a little car turning. We have learned to look 4 ways! I think we have also gotten it down to look to the right first when crossing a road.

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