Thursday, September 15, 2005


I have finally gotten hold of a computer with internet, but I am not sure how much time I will have. We are in the computer lab in our group of buildings.

We may have arrived pretty smoothly (except the one hour of straight turbulence on the plane!), but it has been a week of headache. We found out on Monday when Josh tried to matriculate that he was not even in the system! Apparently there has been a "hiccup" in the system, which caused all files of those who applied at New College in 2004 to simply remain there rather than getting into the central registration computers or whatever. To save you the long story of it, Josh was sent to a number of different buildings all over the city and was finally able to matriculate today (Thursday). Without being able to matriculate we basically couldnot to anything (no internet, no attendance to certain buildings...). This caused a bit of panic for Josh as they said he could not sign up for classes until Friday! He did, however find out that they changed the first day of classes from Thursday to next Tuesday (funny that they can just change a thing like that!).

So, Josh is finally matriculated, but everything takes about 48 hours to "take" here. He still cannot get into certain buildings and we cannot register for ResNet (the intranet system). I am dying to tell you all about our other experiences, but time is short for now.

I will say that we are adjusting well in our tiny flat (and tiny fridge!). We have a nice view from our 8th floor flat of the city as well as a Loch and some mountains (if you look past the courtyard buildings). I have been grocery shopping everyday and cooked my first real meal last night! Vegetarian chili. I found that vegetarian will serve us better as meat is so expensive.

We went to a ceildigh dance (pronouced kay-lee, gaelic for fellowship or gathering). It was quite fun. We did not have to feel stupid as there were many other Americans tripping over one another. Though I did not know it at the time, I turned down Dr. Ferguson for a dance (though everyone dances together, you still have a partner). I guess Dr. Ferguson is like the D.A. Carson of New College. :) Oh, well.

For now, you can pray that Josh is well for classes beginning Tuesday. He is coming down with a cold. He already has a bunch of reading for his first class. You can also pray for my job search. I have my resume ready, but I cannot get it onto paper without Josh being fully registered (we have to use the printer in the lab). People I have spoken with are confident that I can find a job as I am not looking for something specific.

Thank you for all of your e-mails. It was really encouraging once I could finally get on-line. I will try to reply to you once our computer is hooked up.

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