Friday, September 30, 2005

A Wish List

A few of you have asked if we have a wish list for things from America. I must give the disclaimer that it is rather expensive to mail things here. Because of this I feel a little funny listing off silly things that we miss from America. You can take a look at the USPS website to get an idea of how much you package will cost.

Since you asked for it, I will give it and you can do what you want with it.

Oreo cookies
Jr. Mints or York peppermint patties
chili cheese fritos
cheetos (not cheese puffs)
hot chocolate
instant chocolate pudding
chocolate chips
cocoa powder (for baking)
beef jerky (not beef sticks)
grated parmasian cheese
pizza dough mix
homemade chocolate chip cookies! (I guess you would have to send that air mail)

film (400 speed)
fun yarn
fabric scraps for quilting

This is all I can think of for now. I will update it as I think of things and you can check here later. Some of these things are available here, but they are rather expensive, so if you would like to know which items are just not available you can e-mail me.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys
That small bubble padded mailing envelope I sent you weighed 1#, $11 postage, but the global priority envelope I asked for at the post office is a flat rate of $9 and can weigh up to 4#. It's too small to stuff with 4# of stuff unless it's heavy things like bags of candy. oreo's would get crushed so I'll have to send that in a box, unless you want to use it for ice cream topping. To save space I'm going to take some things out of their boxes, and flatten the boxes so you can put them back in. Mom F

Carol said...

Hi. This is Carol Swain from back home. I was Just reading your past messages and I saw that you wanted homemade cookies. The way to get them there fresh as possible through regular mail is you take a tupperware type of dish and put a piece of bread or two in with the cookies. It helps to keep them soft and fresh. At least it work to send cookies to my huband out on the ship when he was deployed. It took them about a month to make it to him and he said that they tasted great. I also wrapped the container in duct tape to help keep the seal. make sure also to wrap choclate in ziplock bags because it can melt all over the package. I learned that one the hard way. I have sent off a lot of packages. I hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving.