Saturday, September 03, 2005

U-Haul Nightmare!

It has been a week now since we moved, but I must share our nightmare...

When we reserved our truck they allow you to choose a time and place to pick up your truck. They do state that it is not guaranteed, but if the reservation is accepted, you would get the impression that you can get a truck pretty close to your preferrences, right? Well, we chose to pick up the truck just west of the city at 9am. We had friends ready to help us move our things. We got a call the night before saying that there were no trucks available, but they would find one. Ok, we are a little nervous, but we figured we will have to get a truck a little later.

The day of our move we call and they say nothing is available until 4pm. Oh, and we have to go to a far northwest suburb. WHAT?!? Our reservation was accepted! We have friends waiting! Are we going to have to move all this stuff on our own? We broke our backs and stayed up late getting things packed to be ready to move!

We call our friends and find that they can be flexible. What a relief! Now we have to wait...

We leave to pick up our truck at 3:00. Traffic was terrible! U-Haul said they would call when the truck is available. They never called so we are going on faith that the truck will be returned by the time we get there. I call U-Haul on the road to see if the truck arrived. "Oh, yea. It's here." So was the truck there at 12:00 and they just never called us?

We finally left with the truck at about 5:00 and I had to call our friends to tell them we will be late. Traffic is still terrible. We arrive at our apartment at 6:30. The bright spot in our day was the friends from our church that helped us. We could not have done it without them. Thank you Helen and Hobin, Joe, Amy and Howard, and Alex. We were left with light hearts seeing them show love to us in this way.

The morals of this story are...never, never, never use U-Haul unless you can be very, very, very flexible and moving is not fun, and helping a brother or sister move goes a long way.

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