Saturday, February 25, 2006

An American-Style BBQ

Yes, in February.

A couple of the American students in our complex decided it would be fun to utilize the barbecues in their back yard (despite being told that they were not for use. HUH?) and host an American style bbq. The weather was not nice, but we managed to cram about 20 or so of us into the student flat. We had burgers and hot dogs and chicken breasts, guac and chips, fruit, salads, and of course, lots of desserts. I made boston baked beans. I was able to meet some new people and see some old faces as well. It was a nice break. Thanks to Lydia and Sang.

What a chore!!

It was in need of doing for a couple of months now, but I finally got the motivation to do it. Our tiny freezer kept getting smaller and smaller with all of the ice building up around the inside. I also discovered the there was a HUGE chunk of ice that went around the back of the freezer part and into the fridge. So THAT was why everything in the back of the fridge froze! I lost some good produce from that! Well, our friends have invided us over for lunch after church tomorrow and they said they would take us to Costco afterwards. YIPPEE! This is my one chance to stock up on chicken breast (I already have a chicken enchilada dinner planned) but we almost had NO freezer left.

I have never defrosted a freezer before, but Sam told me how to do it. So I took everything out of the fridge and freezer, boiled lots of water, and got my blow dryer out. I alternated the water, chipped away at the ice, and blew the dryer. It was quite a chore and it was very interesting to see the chunks of ice that were coming out. So now I have a nice clean freezer with lots of space, and hopefully our fridge will work more efficiently now.

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