Saturday, February 04, 2006

Help sponsor a child to go to school

Some of you were able to give generously last year to help my friend's daughter go to school. My friend and his family are in the Philippines. There are public schools that they can send their daughter to, but the classes are very large and the education is poor. Last year we worked together and with just $400 we were able to send her to a school that could be the start to a better future. She is only 4 just now, but to get her into a good school in the beginning means better chances of getting into other good schools.

This year we will need a little more than $400 as she will be entering kindergarten. This cost also covers uniforms, books, and other supplies. Enrollment is in May, which may seem far off, but let me remind you that it only seemed like yesterday that we were having our New Year's celebration. :)

My friend has sent me pictures and school work done by his daughter. I think she is very bright! He has also sent many notes of gratitude for the help we were all able to provide. If you would like some more information, contact me or leave a comment and I can e-mail you privately.

I will be collecting money and wiring it in a lump sum to reduce the fees for wiring. Paypal is not available there and it would not be safe to send a check, so this is my only option. If you would like to contribute money you can send a check to Josh's mom or put it in my Paypal account. I can give you all of that info. Let me know that you are doing it so I will know where the money came from and what it is for. Also, let me know if you would rather give some money monthly or if you can even help long term.

Thank you for your consideration.

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