Friday, February 17, 2006

Passion Play

Josh and I decided to take part in the Easter play. It is performed in the Prince's Street Gardens. Last year over 3000 people attended even though the weather was not favorable. We went to our first rehearsal last night. Josh preferred not to have a large speaking part as he is already so busy with school. It looks like he will be a non-speaking disciple. He will probably still be in a large part of the play and it will require a lot of interaction and ad-libbing, but I think it will be fun. Most of the women speaking parts are already filled, so I will probably be part of the crowd. This will take place on Easter Saturday, so think of us then and pray that it will be a good turnout.

Here is a link to the Easter Play website:
And here is a link to some pictures from last year's play:

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