Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Did You Ever Wonder?

I have shared some things that are not available and you have seen my wish lists, but that is not nearly a comprehensive list of things that are not available here. Did you ever wonder if your favorite food item is available here? Here are a couple of links to companies who cater to American Expats. You can get an idea of the foods that are not or hardly available here. Take a look at the prices, too. The pound is nearly twice the amount of the dollar, so you can double the price to get the dollar amount. Yes, people do pay those prices!

Being in a larger city there are more products available to us. Some can be substituted for something else. I have even made some things from scratch that I otherwise wouldn't have, like BBQ sauce. :)

So what items do you think you would miss? We have a discussion going on my Expat forum right now about how we actually miss things here that we wouldn't normally eat in America. Strange how that works.

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