Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Good Days

It's been good lately. After having a wee bought of depression over the last month or so (some days not so wee) and getting sick at the end of last week, I have had some really good days. I guess it started Monday. Work went smoothly. In fact, it was really good as one whom I have had a hard time working with actually seemed to be making an effort to work well with me. There were all the silly typical ingredients of a 'good' day: the sun was shining (not much of that here!), the birds were singing, I had a spring in my step. :) It was really good to feel content and at peace. I didn't come home and slouch on the sofa after my shower. I actually didn't mind the usual chores of dishes, picking up, starting dinner.

I know Monday was just a really good day and it wont last forever, but I enjoyed it for all it was worth. I had some friends over last night and I got to do what I love. It is even better to see people enjoying my cooking and to know that I was able to make them happy. We had a picture party. We brought together some of our photos of family and travels and sort of got to know eachother a little better that way. We found that Emma takes REALLY great photographs. And she is so humble about it! Of course I didn't have my scrapbooks from home, just the one I put together to get me through some of the lonely times; pictures of family, friends, and Chicago. I told the girls that WHEN they come to visit me in the States they can see my other scrapbooks. :)


We have had a couple of days of thick fog. Haar, they call it here. A thick sea fog. It is not so thick today, but Monday afternoon as I was at the computer I suddenly noticed that I could not see the buildings out my window. It was sort of romantic and intreaging to walk through it, but I can't imagine what it must be like to drive in it! I remembered reading in one of my novels set in 19th century Edinburgh where they mentioned the haar had come in and the soldiers in the castle could not leave from fear of 'falling through the crags in the city.' I saw that before a time with street lights and cars showing you at least where the road is, that it could be difficult to manouver through the city

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