Saturday, May 27, 2006

American mac and cheese

We had a very late lunch yesterday, 3pm. We went to the rehearsal of our friends' wedding in the morning and stayed out to do some shopping. We picked up a rotisserie chicken and that was our lunch. I figured that would be our dinner, too. But no. Two hours later my husband is asking was if for dinner. :) So I tell him we can have mac and cheese, something easy, and he is excited. Dilema: do we have the British mac and cheese, or the American mac and cheese that I just brought over? Since I felt a little sick I decided NOT to have the British one, as it smells strongly of BO. :( I had forgotten how much better the American one is! Even though it wasn't the white cheese, which was the cheese of choice back home.

So, if anyone should ever happen to need the box of macaroni and not use the cheese...DON'T PITCH IT. Send us the little packet of cheese. I have plenty of macaroni here. Though we really don't need too much of it, as we are TRYING to eat more healthy, it is a nice meal to get together quickly on those nights where we really don't feel like doing much. :) Cheers!

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