Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Going home

It's hard to believe that 2 weeks is already gone. It has been a nice visit with family and friends. We hope that we can see some of you one the other side of the pond.

I have been spending the last 2 days rearranging everything in our suitcases to fit all of the American goodies I picked up during our visit. The hard thing is the weight limit. It is down to 50 pounds from the 70 pounds when we moved to Scotland. So, while we are able to spacially fit more in the suitcases, we cannot fit more in due to the weight limit. I also have a 15 pound box that I am mailing myself. Josh is thankful for the lower weight limit because he doesn't want to lug 140 pounds through the airport. :)

Please pray for a safe trip and that it will go by quickly. We will be taking a train tomorrow at 11:00 to Chicago. Then we will take the el to the airport. Our flight leaves O'hare at 4:40pm. We fly into Amsterdam where we will have an 8 hour layover. Then we will arrive in Edinburgh at 4pm where we will take a bus into the city centre.

Well, in the next few days I will try to get some pictures posted.

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