Friday, May 19, 2006


I just had my interview with the district manager for the supervisor position at our store. I think it went well and he said he thinks it looks ok to move ahead, but he would talk to my manager and let me know on Monday...

So, how does a Starbucks interview differ from any other interview? Coffee tasting! I was told that I would be expected to put together a coffee tasting for us. It was suggested to me that I pick up some cheese and use a coffee that went with cheese. It just so happens that with my ASDA delivery yesterday I got Wensleydale cheese with blackcurrants and apple. SO, I ran home after work to cut some up, put it on a nice plate, and took it to my interview. Turns out that he had never had it before, but he thought it was glorious. He went on about it through the whole interview. And there we are at my interview, smelling, then slurping wee samples of Sulawesi and eating cheese. :)

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