Thursday, May 18, 2006

Things I Brought Back

I thought you might get a good laugh if I were vulnurable and listed some of the things I brought back to Scotland from America. Notice, things I brought back. Josh reminds me that this was all my doing, that he would have been just fine without any of these things, though he does benefit from the use of some of them.

We went to America with 3 suitcases, because we did not want to deal with the trouble of 4 suitcases on the bus, train, and el, and walking through the airport and in the city. Though most of what we brought consisted of souveniers and things we would leave at home, I had to talk Josh into allowing another 'wee' suitcase. It was only the size of a carry-on, but it was almost the heaviest. Oh, and the weight limit went down from 70lbs. to 50lbs. which Josh was happy for, but it made it a bit more tricky.

So, here goes:

Reeses peanut butter cups
Hershey's cookies n cream
M&Ms (we get it here, but it just tastes different)
Laffy Taffy
Jolly Ranchers
Sweet Tart shockers (the last three just looked good in the store, but I have been enjoying them!)
Junior Mints
2 boxes of chocolate covered espresso beans from Starbucks, which I can most definately get here, but it is WAY cheaper there, especially with my discount (one was, I think, stolen at the airport)

toothpaste (just cheaper)
toothbrushes from Costco
Motrin from Costco (pain reliever can only be bought in very small quanities here)
Nyquil capsuls from Costco (cold medicine does not work here!)
Tylenol sinus and allergies from Costco
hand sanitizing wipes

PICKLES!!! (just one small jar)
plain, white, normal vineger
Sweet Baby Rays!!! (thanks, Bessie)
chili cheese Fritos
maple syrup
Tollhouse chocolate chips from Costco
Newman's Own family recipe Italian dressing
Almonds from Costco (very expensive here)
Kraft parmasian cheese (I got some stuff at Costco here that was terrible!)
Teddy Grahams
pudding mixes
Jello mixes
Lipton tea bags for my special sweet tea

Paper Source cards and envelopes
clear bags for my cards
bookmark sleeves
my quilt, started ages ago
fabric for a new quilt
a needle felting kit
I thought I would bring back tonnes more crafts stuff, but I figured if I brought back any scrapbooking stuff, I would have to bring it ALL!!!

socks and other unmentionables ;)
old clothes that I fit into again!
better trainers for work
2 Taste of Home magazines
plasters (band-aids, just haven't found any good ones here yet)
Victoria's Secret lotions and body sprays
a Cook's Illustrated cookbook

Things I would have loved to bring but could not pass customs if I tried:
Carnation (?) flavored coffee creamers - creamer in coffee is not done here, let alone flavored. No such thing as half and half, just use milk. I usually use double cream, which is like heavy whipping cream.
cheese - they pride themselves on good cheese, but I haven't found anything that works good for me yet, though I did have a soft cheese with cranberries in it recently, which was nice.
steaks - meat is expensive and it just tastes different
Chicago style deep dish pizza - though I have learned to make a mean pizza myself!
Ann Sather cinnamon rolls - though I make a pretty good one now
Mario's Italian ice (thanks for the treat, Boog)

I also would have liked to bring graham crackers, but I knew they would crumble too much. I was DELIGHTED to have s'mores on our camping trip. I made them every change I could.

I was looking for a garlic mix to add to butter for garlic bread. I used to get it at Costco, but they didn't have it when I looked. :(

Well, now you can see the things we have to do without here on a daily basis! :) Some of these things are available, but I took the opportunity to get them in the States as it is cheaper there. Others, I manage to do without just fine, but when they were staring at me in the grocery store I wondered how I ever LIVED without them. ;) Actually, I only then remembered that it existed. So, there you go. Laugh all you want, but it is amazing what things you find bring comfort to you when you are in a new country and still figuring out that courgette is zuccini and the yogurt tastes different and to get half and half you have to mix milk with single cream (or is it double? I can't remember.).


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Wow- did you seriously fit all that stuff into one "wee" bag? My mouth is watering for the chocolate covered espresso beans! I could use that right now!

Soteria said...

Oh, no! That was spread throughout all of our luggage. :) In the wee bag I put the heavy things like choc chips, almonds, bbq sauce and such.