Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Our first Scottish wedding!

I do not want to post wedding photos before the bride and groom see them,
but I thought it would be ok to share some impertinent photos to give you a wee
taste of the wedding.

We got to help out with decorations the morning of. Sam was VERY organized and we knew what to do without her even being there.

As someone on my forum recently posted, one cool thing about living in Scotland is men roaming around in kilts and no one does a double-take. I must admit, I did do a double-take when I our minster showed up in these. :)

That's us trying our best to keep up during the ceilidh. And that's Bungie dancing with his wife. *gasp!* It felt a little better knowing that there were many there from England who did not know the dances either.

It's now over four and a half years since our wedding. I think other than the bride and groom, we were the cutest couple there. :)


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I agree (cute couple!) and where is Josh's kilt? : )

Soteria said...

Ha! I tried to get Josh to wear a kilt, but he thought it would be offensive to the Scots.