Thursday, January 26, 2006

Chicago Style Deep-Dish Pizza!

I had a friend over last night and decided it would be fun to allow her to experience a little bit of Chicago. I had never made a deep-dish pizza before, so it was going against my rules to experiment on friends. I did some research and found some recipes. I never knew that they used cornmeal in the crust! I also never knew that corn meal would be rather tricky to find here.

So, I went at it. Of course, like always, I didn't plan very well and we ended up eating really late. Our cooker takes about twice as long to cook anything and for anyone that has been to Giordano's or the like, you know it takes them 50 minutes to cook the pizza. Well, when Sam walked in and saw the uncooked pizza she said, "Wow! Is that the pizza?" And throughout the course of the evening she kept saying, "Wow! This is fab!" It's so funny because after living in Chicago, deep-dish is the only way to go. Sam laughed at me as I took my first bite, sighed deeply, and said, "It's been so long!"

Sam also brought over some ginger beer, which is like ginger ale as I remember it, but a bit more gingery. It is so much fun to exchange a wee bit of our culture with friends.

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