Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A New Wish List

I feel funny doing this, but I have had a few requests for things we would like.

Just a reminder. If you can manage to fit it in an envelope it should be cheaper than sending a box. We can wait the 4-6 weeks if you want to send it by boat. :) If you want to air mail it, don't bother with Global Priority. Mark it as a gift and don't mark the value over $30 or we could get charge VAT.

Jelly Bellies (esp sour)
pudding mix
Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce (not sure how well that will actually mail)
zip lock bags (I still have some from home which I am savoring)
taco seasoning
Quaker granola bars
instant oatmeal (I can make this, so not a must)
small bottle of hand sanitizer
cherry Andies mints
chili cheese Fritos (haven't found any crisps here we like)
dried berry fruit mix (mom sent a lovely one with rasp, blue, cherry, straw)
beef jerky
cookies and mint Hershey bars

As we have been adjusting we find that some of those foods we desired in the beginning can be replaced by other foods, or we can just do without. New things come up that we realized we miss (like those flavored coffee creamers!) or mom sends something and gets us hooked (like Jelly Bellies and cherry Andies). A couple of items have stood the test of time, like the Fritos and pudding.

Of course, one thing we would love more than anything is letters. It is funny how I miss getting junk mail!


April from expats said...

Hey :) It's April from the forum.
I totally relate to your list! My mother always sends me zip lock bags and I usually always bring a bag of chilli cheese fritos home in my suitcase. When i was more into coffee (I've cut back) I ALWAYS requested those creamers! My mom would put them in plastic bags and send them through the post that way!
Fortunately we get old el paso taco seasoning in our local supermarket so that's not a problem :)

Soteria said...

Your mom sent you creamers?! Oh, like those single serve ones you use at the gas station? Can you buy those at the supermarket?
Maybe I haven't looked good enough for the taco seasoning. I might have to take that off my list...

April said...

sorry, the non dairy creamers that were flavoured, like french vanilla, caramel,irish cream etc.
She'd empty them from their containers and put them in plastic bags so they'd post easier :)

Morrison's does the Taco seasoning, and for some strange reason, our Tesco does the whole range of Old El Paso, but only does Fajita seasoning!