Friday, January 27, 2006

Congratulations, Tom and Amanda!

After years of playing the waiting game with adoption agencies, they were finally notified that they would be the proud parents of a new baby. They met with the mother before she gave birth, they were there for the birth, they even named the baby. After months of visiting the foster home Baby "C" was placed in, waiting for the biological father to sign over his rights, something happened that turned their world upside down. The mother took the baby back out of foster care. This was just before Christmas. They lost their baby.

No, the story does not end there. God had a plan.

Just this week the father signed his rights over and the mother reconsidered and signed her rights over again.

As I am writing this they are probably filled with excitement as they are on their way to pick up their baby.

Wait, it doesn't end there. God had something else in store...

The day after they got the call about the mother and father signing over their rights, they got a call from another adoption agency saying they had a baby girl for them! As an adoption can be a costly thing, and of course there are other factors involved in adopting 2 children at once, they wondered if they could do it. They had one hour to decide. Well, they figured it must be all in God's plan and called the adoption agency back to say 'yes.'

What an amazing story! Congratulations, guys.

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