Friday, January 20, 2006

Midnight Alarm

We were jerked out of our sleep last night by some ungodly noise. I jolted up in bed to find Josh already up and rummaging around. I said, "What in the world is that?!" I looked at the clock which said 12:something, but it could have been nine or noon for all I knew. Nothing was clicking. Josh said I think it's an alarm. I lay back down as I thought he was going to check it out, but I realized he was getting ready to go outside, and I should go, too. The noise kept on so we found some warm clothes incase we had to stand outside for an hour.

I was suprised and how slowly everyone was heading down the stairs, but some of them were just waking up like us. I was also suprised how casually everyone was standing around on the building steps and in the courtyard. We had to push our way out. The fire brigade appeared and wasn't sure which building to enter. Our security guy took them into our building.

It still did not click that it was only midnight and some of these kids had not gone to bed yet. I walked out to see some girls with their hair done up and though, "What, did they do their hair for this?" Then we spotted some of Josh's classmates who said they were just returning from a midnight chippie run. It was then that I realized, we are old!

It must have just been smoke from someone's burnt cooking or something. A few minutes after the fire brigade entered the building they came out and allowed us back in. It was such a jolt out of sleep that it was hard to get back to sleep and it made Josh and I feel rather sick.

Ah! Dorm living...

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