Friday, January 13, 2006

How Rude!

Amidst all of the wonderful customers we get at Starbucks, there are always bound to be a couple of rotten ones. Just one such customer came in today.

A little bit of background information first. First off, the Starbucks I work in is in a pretty wealthy neighborhood. It is not uncommon that we see a Rolls Royce or Porche parked outside while the owner runs in for their daily fix. Secondly, Starbucks (as many other cafes here) charges a slightly higher price to eat in. It is for VAT tax. Like for a muffin, it is 15p more to eat in as opposed to taking away.

Ok, so this lady comes in. She is looking at the pastry case, fidgeting through her coin purse, and huffing and puffing. She finally come up and says that she will have a fruity bagel bar. I ask if she will be sitting in or taking away. She says, "Well, I can't afford to sit in with THESE prices! This is really ridiculous!" I smile and say, "Well, you can phone Starbucks about that if you like." She goes on and on and finally says, "Well, it cuts into YOUR tips by charging so much!" I am standing there with my mouth open and my manager comes over and says in his booming, thick Glaswegian accent, "Thus us qualutay!" I agree that Starbucks is expensive, and it is twice as much here as it is in the States, but whoever takes out their frustrations with prices on the server is a fool! Really! And I don't think I am being to harsh. Here I am working a job below my means and qualifications, serving you with a smile and an enthusiastic, "hiya!" You do not even acknowledge my greeting, then you accuse me of personally charging you too much for a fruity bagel bar, which I would have to work about 20 minutes to pay for, and you, maybe 20 seconds. I continue to smile and make light of things while you proceed to tell me you will not be leaving ME a tip because I charge too much. And with a stunned smile on my face I say, "Bye, now."

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