Wednesday, January 18, 2006

How Things are Different, cont.

I think this should be my last installment of my "Differences" series. :) They are sort of random, so I will just get through them quickly. I apologize if I repeat anything I already said. I just don't feel like going back to look at my other posts. Lazy me...

A band-aid is called a 'plaster'. Took me a while to figure that one out ('And WHY do you want me to put a plaster on my finger?')
Dessert is 'pudding,' but they don't really know what pudding is as we know it.
Eggs are left out of the fridge.
TV tax. I can't remember exactly, but it costs roughly $300/year/TV.
Grocery delivery. YEAH!!!
Universal health care.
A dumpster is a skip. So I guess rather than 'dumpster diving' one would go 'skip skipping'?
The windows don't have screens.
Write the date backwards. So today is 18/01/06 or 18 January.
A daily planner is a diary.
The cashiers at the grocery store get to sit.
Suspenders are braces.
Workout pants are joggies.
Tennis shoes are trainers.
The burner on the stove is a hob or gasser (even if it is electric).
Maybe texting has become more popular in the States, but anyone with a mobile phone does much of their communication through texting.
Boxing Day is a bigger holiday than Christmas Eve.
Most enjoy a big meal with family on New Year's Day. Everything is closed and going out for brunch is rather foreign.
There is only one store I can find Monteray Jack cheese, and it specializes in Mexican and American foods.

I have a friend who is getting married soon. Maybe I will have a list for different British wedding customs to come!

I meant to tell you, when you look at our pictures on the flickr site, you can leave comments for each pictures. Just click the comments button. It could help me in deciding if I should make cards out of any of them, though lots of the pictures are just for fun...

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