Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Our favorite spot

Saturday was a sunny day so, true to Scottish style, we rushed out and enjoyed it while it lasted. We love to go up Arthur's Seat. Josh said he wouldn't mind going up every weekend, but we have only been up half a dozen times. This was the first time I didn't freeze once we got up top! The breaze was warm and the sun actually started to bake me (even though it was only in the lower 60s)! Josh was thrilled that I dind't ask to go back down after just a few minutes and he could enjoy looking through his binoculars. I laid out my jacket that I didn't need and took a wee nap. We enjoyed the scenery for nearly an hour. Here are some pics of our favorite spot in the city (though the River Leith is coming in with a close second). I can't believe we live down the street from this!

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