Saturday, March 17, 2007


I have been pretty boring with the posts (and not-posts). I was looking through our pictures and realised that I had not posted our pictures from our second trip to St. Andrews last July. So I posted them on flickr. Seeing as how the trip was 8 months ago, I don't really remember what to tell you about it. I do remember that we went to the castle which we hadn't done the first time. There was a tunnel and a counter-tunnel. The tunnel was dug by an invading army, the counter-tunnel met them successfully. I don't remember the rest of the story, who won, what happened to the castle at that time, etc.

This is another picture I came across. It is the best one I could get of the Haar (sea fog). It comes round summertime and is as thick as pea soup. If we get a warm spell the cold sea air says, "We'll have none of that!" and attempt to take over the city. While warm and cold are duking it out we are covered in a fog that makes it tricky finding your way around (and it is a bit chilly, too). Oh, I just remembered. It must not just be a summer thing because this happened during Christmas. We went out to a midnight service in our neighborhood. I found it very disorienting and wondered often if we were going the right way. I'm glad I had Josh with me, though he did tell me we were in one location, yet when we turned the corner we found that we were indeed somewhere else. We were still on the right track, though.


Katie said...

I love St Andrews. It's once of my favorite places in Scotland - if fact, the three months that I spent studying there changed my life forever (hence, I still live in Scotland). Did you get a chance to eat at the North Point? They have the best pancakes. :)

Soteria said...

We did not eat at North Point. We stuck with good ol' starbucks because we were still on a student budget and I get a discount. ;) Are they proper pancakes or crepes?