Friday, March 02, 2007

Bad Girl

I broke my diet. I had good reason! We had guests over last night. Those who know me know that I enjoy having guests and cooking for them. I don't really want to serve my guests beans. We had this planned before I decided to do this diet and I already know what I wanted to make. This diet breaking was a planned thing.

I made one of my favourite meals for Americans and those who have never tried this dish: Chicago-style deep-dish pizza!! We also had hot and spicy wings (I asked Josh to get buffalo wings. It was one of those things where your sweet husband offers to run out to pick something up for you and he gets the wrong thing.) and garlic bread with roasted garlic. For pudding we had cinnamon rolls. It was worth it just to hear Michelle gasp at the mention of cinnamon rolls. :) Appearantly she had been having a strong desire for them since Christmas.

So now I have to deal with the leftovers in the fridge. Fortunately it is not so much that Josh can't deal with on his own (there can never be too much pizza for him!) but this morning as I was rinsing out the dish I baked the cinnamon rolls in I was thinking "A cinnamon roll would be really nice right now!" :)

I'm back on my diet now. In fact I am trying to fast at least for the morning to maybe speed up the process of getting that junk out of my body, maybe. I am already hungry though! I can't even go til noon!

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Wow- you're still doing good, though! I bet you were looking forward to your cheat day! If only we could come up with an awesome vegan deep dish pizza... Yum!!!