Thursday, March 22, 2007

Not fun

Our early morning slumber was disturbed by the phone. We didn't answer it because it was not the phone family calls on. I remember saying to Josh, "We will have to call them at a decent hour and tell them NOT to call us at 4am!" Yea, you think silly things when you are startled awake.

When I heard the voice on the phone I thought it sounded a bit like Josh's mom, so I went to listen to the message. It turned out to be the alarm company that our store uses. The alarm was going off and since no one else responded, I was the lucky winner!

I debated going out there because I really didn't think it was my responsibility. I don't get paid to be on call at all hours! But then I thought of the neighbors and felt bad if the alarm was still going off. These store alarms here just go on and on and on until someone shows up at the shop to turn it off. They are not normally attached to a company that calls whoever is responsible for the store.

So anyways, off I went in my pyjamas with Josh in tow. He did not want me to go alone incase there was an intruder. I remember thinking that this better not be the new company that would be delivering our food, because I thought today was their first day. I didn't hear the alarm once I got outdoors, but I knew I should check it out anyways. As I rounded the corner, sure enough, there was a truck about to pull away. It was the new food company. Appearantly they were doing a trial run before they start (next Thursday) to make sure all of the keys and alarms work, and that they could get the deliveries done in time. Well, their code had not been inputed into our system yet.

So I locked up, got back home after 5:00, and tried to get a wee kip before heading back out at 6:10. Yes, I had to open. At least Josh did not start work until 1, so he got to sleep in. I ended up having to stay even later do get the things done that I was supposed to. So my day started at 4am and ended at 4:30pm. :(

One weird thing is, I was actually dreaming about work before we got the call. I was counting the safe, but for some reason the safe was not open. I had a wad of cash in my hand and could not get the code to work. The alarm started going off and the police showed up. I didn't know what to do with all the money in my hand, so I popped it in my apron pocket. Well, where else should I put it? ;)

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Wow! Crazy night & crazy dream! I was the 1st contact person for the alarm system at the theater when I worked there, and had to go in a few times because on of the theater exit doors would never close all the way. After I stopped working there I STILL got calls because they forgot to take me off the list!!